24 Preludes by Chopin

 “These (24 Preludes by Chopin and Le Cri du monde) are two extremely accomplished pieces — products of a fully matured choreographic imagination.”
Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice, New York, 2003

 “In 24 Preludes by Chopin and Le Cri du monde, (...) Ms. Chouinard takes her creativity onto an impressive and higher formal level.”
Anna Kisselgoff, The New York Times, 2003

“The inventiveness is inexhaustible...”
Nadine Meisner, The Independent, London, 2002

Les 24 Préludes de Chopin et Le Cri du monde sont deux oeuvres fortes qui ne laissent assurément pas le spectacteur indifférent... Un grand moment de la danse moderne... Un plaisir trop rare en France où la Compagnie Marie Chouinard ne fait malheureusement que brièvement passer.”
C.Zabra, Journal de Saône et Loire, France, 2002

“With (...) 24 Preludes by Chopin, (...) Marie Chouinard’s art is at its peak and thankfully her imagination seems far from being dried up.”
 Isabelle Poulin, Le Devoir, Montreal, 2001

“A piece that dazzles 24 times in a row!”
Régis Tremblay, Le Soleil, Quebec City, 2001

24 Preludes by Chopin is performed by ten dancers in a dynamic of absolutes, filled with discoveries...”
Anne Schmitt, d’Land Kultur, Luxembourg, 1999

24 Preludes by Chopin would be a memorable evening of dance...”
Michael Scott, The Vancouver Sun, 2000

“... one of her most refreshingly inventive works. (...) Chouinard’s choreography requires virtuoso performers. Thankfully, this is exactly what the dancers are. (...) As soloists, they are standouts.”
 Michael Crabb, National Post, Toronto, 2000