Ballet in one act

45 minutes

Created at RED Reggio Emilia Danza, Italy, June 19, 2003*

With Chorale a work for ten dancers, Marie Chouinard recalls that the words choreography and chorale share the same etymology in Greek. In this work, she creates a festive universe around the notion of sexuality and divinity. Here, the corporeal and vocal architecture is pushed to extremes and voice and movement have common cause. Out of these singular bodies, fashioned by irresistible pulsations that stretch them and throw them out of kilter, steal breathless, chanting, gurgling, howling and ululating voices.

During this thoughtful series of apotheoses, beings meet on the side of the formless or mis-shapen and the strange or troubling, of grace or spoliation and the primitive or urbane, amusing themselves with unusual and yet strangely familiar games. Alone, in duets, or as a group, they call out to the other, respond to it, and drink deeply at its source in an immediate series of situations that are intense, tender, humorous and profoundly human in turn.

Artistic Direction, Choreography and Vocals
Marie Chouinard

Original Music
Louis Dufort

Sound Design
Edward Freedman

Axel Morganthaler and Marie Chouinard




Jacques-Lee Pelletier

*Dancers at creation
Simon Alarie, Mark Eden-Towle, Julio Cesar Hong, Carla Maruca, Carla Maruca, Lucie Mongrain, Isabelle Poirier, Carol Prieur, David Rancourt, Maud Simoneau, James Viveiros

A Compagnie Marie Chouinard production, co-produced with ImPulsTanz-Vienna International Festival (Austria), National Arts Centre (Ottawa), Théâtre de la Ville (Paris) and RED Reggio Emilia Danza (Italy)

Press excerpts

Photo 1: Marie Chouinard – Dancers: Carol Prieur and Carla Maruca

Photo 2: Marie Chouinard – Dancers: Carol Prieur and Isabelle Poirier

Photo 3: Marie Chouinard – Dancers: Isabelle Poirier and Carol Prieur
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