« A picture theater! And an extraordinary one at that! […] Chouinard successfully pulls off the feat of actually bringing the Bosch triptych to life. […] Magnificent, delightful, but also startlingly well performed by the excellent and versatile dancers of the Compagnie Marie Chouinard. A picture theater that brings us a new vision of the work (works) of Hieronymus Bosch. » - Dina Ruttle, Tanzchrift, Vienna, 2016
« This is a truly successful performance by the ten dancers, who demonstrate a high level of perfection and a forceful dynamism. […] Very complex dance figures with wonderful originality. » - Karlheinz Roschitz, Kronen Zeitung, Vienna, 2016
« [A] brilliant and fantastic dance theatre. […] Chouinard has succeeded in creating three suspense-filled acts. […] A huge success. » - Karlheinz Roschitz, Kronen Zeitung, Vienna, 2016

« Jérôme Bosch : Le Jardin des délices se place parmi les œuvres phares de Marie Chouinard. […] Ovation. » - Guillaume Rouleau, MaCulture.fr, France, 2016