Ballet in one act

60 minutes

Created at Springdance Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands, April 28, 1991*

A small community, bonded by coded rhythmic transmutations, is journeying, dancing into a night full of "openings in the sky". To the Inuit (Eskimos), each star is a hole in the sky. From these borealic images around the myth of a furious and fertile goddess of the tides, Marie Chouinard gave birth to a dance poem which celebrates the human tribe.

Penetrated by the spirit of the North, inspired by its poetic language, obsessed with survival, sensitive to the cultural, emotional bonds of societies, this performance launches its quest for the ancestral beat, the original pulsating urge which has driven humankind since the dawn of time. In this performance, every object pulsates. Through the interlacing of birds in migration and wild dogs in packs, of muted voices and amplified breathing, Les Trous du ciel weaves a universe of emotions and jubilations wrapped in a richly textured sound environment created by the very life breath of the performers.

In this work, Marie Chouinard converges the different paths she has explored over the years and pursues her own particular usage of sound with which she has slowly familiarized her audiences. The dancers, equipped with hidden microphones, perform a partition of refined vocals simultaneously with their dance. This "sculptured text" is sometimes playful, sometimes solemn, and other times vibrant.

Under the holey sky, we participate in a celebration of the body, of the life which flows through it. It is a hymn to the ancient shimmerings which continue to play upon the faces of our vast contemporary tribe. Marie Chouinard has created a current of images, of stimuli related to the pole, the extreme edges of the planet where the Earth is in contact with the cosmos: a naked plain, footsteps of an isolated tribe evolving in solidarity, minuscule in the immense flood of light.

Artistic Direction, Choreography and Vocals
Marie Chouinard

Alain Lortie

Costumes and Set Design
Zaven Paré and Marie Chouinard

Jacques-Lee Pelletier

*Dancers for the world premiere
Daniel Éthier, Andrew Harwood, Benoît Lachambre, Heather Mah, Marie-Josée Paradis, Dominique Porte, Irène Stamou

A Compagnie Marie Chouinard production. Co-produced with the National Arts Centre (Ottawa) and the Festival de théâtre des Amériques (Canada)

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Photo : Michael Slobodian – Dancer : Tony Chong
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