morning glories :)-(:

50 minutes

Created at Espace Marie Chouinard, Montréal, Canada, May 27, 2009

This solo marks Marie Chouinard’s return to stage after 20 years.
It was presented for the first time on May 27, 2009 at L' Espace Marie Chouinard (Montreal, Canada).

morning glories will always be peformed at 8:00 a.m. in unusual settings rather than conventional performance spaces.

The morning glory (Ipomea) is a plant native to America, a climbing weed whose flowers open in the morning and live only a day… But it produces new flowers each day all summer long. Its seeds, if ingested in large quantities, produce hallucinogenic effects comparable to those of LSD.

« …could you be interested by a simple shift of weight, a sudden delicate angle, silences of the body that reflect fine threads stretching out towards absolute time, thought that circulates from one gesture to another, a wordless intelligence ?…

It has been getting itself ready for twenty years, this solo - getting me ready for twenty years. It was already there, an almost-nothing happening, a one-way return forging straight ahead. I return to home ground. Nothing catapults along, it all comes forth in a slow-breathing rhythm, falls into place. My dance comes to find me, peaceful, unhesitating.

There is always a division of self when I dance.
I talk about the person dancing as She.

I will choreograph for her, she is fragile, I have to be careful.
For no particular reason, twenty years ago, she withdrew for awhile.
I have to set things up so everything’s OK for her.
She wants nothing from me, OK, I tell her OK.
She wants people to see only her soul, I say : OK, I’ll do my best. »

Marie Chouinard

Conception, choreography and set design
Marie Chouinard

Marie Chouinard

Original Music
Louis Dufort

Caroline Nadeau and Marie Chouinard


Jacques-Lee Pelletier


Photo : Jean-François Gratton - Dancer : Marie Chouinard
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