« The demanding audience of the Théâtre de la ville in Paris warmly welcomed Orphée et Eurydice, the riveting, most recent work by choreographer Marie Chouinard. Marie Chouinard managed to astonish, even dazzle Parisian dance-goers with her bold new reading of the Greek myth of Orpheus. Marie Chouinard pushes farther than ever in her work with the body, breath and voice. The work is… radical. » 
 Michel Dolbec, Canadian Press, Paris, 2009

«Intense, erotic, comic and poetic all at the same time... inventive without being showy – both the technical and organic elements of movement were interwoven seamlessly. The piece keeps one off-balance. There’s a risk in investigating an artwork that’s outside your comfort zone, but in this case, it paid off. My only comment, come back and make it soon.»
 John Dugan, Time Out, Chicago, 2009

"moments of eerie beauty condense out of the chaos... There's plenty of comedy too... it's subversively funny... A work of magnetic, sometimes almost unendurable intensity.”
Brian Howe, IndyWeek, Chapel Hill, 2009

"remarkable boldness… superhuman energy… magnificent collisions between love and war.”
Christian St-Pierre, VOIR, Montreal, 2008

«The ten extremely athletic and gifted dancers deserved the enthusiastic applause of the public.»
Mario Pasi, Corriere Della Serra, Rome, 2008

«This bizarre and enchanting rendition of Orpheus and Eurydice is a skillful mix of the many versions of the original myth.»
 Marinella Guatterini, 24 Ore, Rome, 2008