"Every time, we are impressed by the Montreal dancer's inventiveness and the style that is unmistakably hers… the dancers (...) it must be said, are exceptional. You don't notice the big hand of the clock go around 78 times."
Nicolas Villodre, Danzine pour la danse, January 23, 2012

"The public (...) warmly applauded the new creation (...) Coming out of the theatre, the spectators' comments were unanimous. "I loved it! It was amazing!" (...)" It was great! "(...) "I've never seen anything like it!" one audience member exclaimed, adding that the show made her entire subscription worthwhile.
Véronique Beaudet, Canoë.ca, January 23, 2012

"A sure sign, in France, when the applause all starts to follow the same rhythm, that a show has a bright future. After three enthusiastic encores, the high priestess of Quebec dance jubilantly saluted the "Holy Trinity" - a réverence for each dancer, an arms-wide embrace for the stage and a walk-about through the rows of the visibly packed theatre."
Maud Cucchi, La Presse, January 26, 2012

"(...) Marie Chouinard doesn't let us down (...) She came up with the amazing idea of using masks (...) the effect is stunning (...) if you like the work of Marie Chouinard, go see this show!"
Radio-Canada, Desautels, reviewer Katerine Verebely,
November 25, 2011

"A moment of pure grace in which the intelligence of the body speaks: the Carol Prieur solo, truly unforgettable." 
Le Devoir, Catherine Lalonde, November 25, 2011

"Wonderful humour (...) fascinating to watch (...)
Radio-Canada, C'est bien meilleur le matin, Francine Grimaldi, 
November 26, 2011

"A stunning solo danced by Carol Prieur (...) beautiful, vulnerable, combative, vibrant"
La Presse, Stéphanie Brody, November 25, 2011

"Contemporary dance at his best, THE GOLDEN MEAN (LIVE) was funny, outrageous, rude, theatrical, and gorgeous to look at it. The kind of performance that made [me] put down [my] pen within the first few minutes: [I] didn't want to miss a thing. [I] felt like experiencing an event rather than watching a performance. Marie Chouinard breaks boundaries…"
Kevin Griffin, The Vancouver Sun, 2010
"THE GOLDEN MEAN (LIVE) is another in a long line of challenging and visually arresting pieces. Silly and profound, chaotic and expressive… quite wonderful 80-minute oddity."
Kaija Pepper, The Globe and Mail, Toronto, 2010
"Two unequivocal statements can be made about THE GOLDEN MEAN (LIVE). One (…) is that this world premiere will certainly be among the most "brilliant and human" performances Vancouver will see all year. The other is that [Marie Chouinard's] 11-member corps is unerringly excellent."
Alexander Varty, The Georgia Straight, Vancouver, 2010