Ballet in one act

50 minutes

Created at the National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Canada, June 18, 1993*

In Marie Chouinard's work, The Rite of Spring occupies a special position. In choosing to reexamine this powerful hymn to life, she has created her first choreography based on a musical score. Igor Stravinsky's. The Rite of Spring explores a New World and marks the entry of dance into modernity. In this avant-garde work, Marie Chuinard again finds an original pulsation that is essential to her movement. Far from contradicting the rhythm of her dance, the cadence and force of the music inspire, accompany and energize her, forming both the echo and the musical counterpoint of an organic, vigourous and vivid choreography.

For Marie Chouinard, all forms are the movement through space of a specific vital energy. Unlike previous choreographers working with Stravinsky's piece, she constructed her Rite around solos, seeking to awaken in strong, clear movements the intimate mystery of each dancer.

" There is no story in my Rite", she explains, "no development, no cause and effect. Only synchronicity. It is as if I were dealing with the very moment after the instant life first appeared. The performance is the unfolding of that moment. I have the feeling that before that moment there was an extraordinary burst of light, a flash of lightning."

Concept, Choreography and Artistic Direction
Marie Chouinard

Signatures sonores, Rober Racine, 1992
The Rite of Spring, Igor Stravinsky, 1993

Marie Chouinard

L Vandal

Zaven Paré

Jacques-Lee Pelletier

Hair Stylist
Daniel Éthier

*Dancers for the world premiere
Marie-Josée Paradis, Mathilde Monnard, Daniel Éthier, Dominique Porte, Pamela Newell, José Navas, Jeremy Weichsel

A COMPAGNIE MARIE CHOUINARD production, in coproduction with the National Arts Centre (Ottawa), the Festival international de nouvelle danse (Montreal) and the Kunstentrum Vooruit (Ghent, Belgium).

Photo 1 : Marie Chouinard – Dancers : Mathilde Monnard and Dominique Porte

Photo 2 : Marie Chouinard - Dancer : Dominique Porte
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